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Dr Kathryn Wareham

Blue Gradient

Evidence-Based Veterinary Consultancy

Evidence comes in many forms, and we can help you to generate, find, understand, and apply it.


Dr Zoe Belshaw


Who we are

We are veterinary surgeons with extensive multidisciplinary research training. We have combined experiences of both primary and referral practice, research and teaching in academia, and collaboration and consultancy within the private sector.


What we can do for you

We can be involved in your complete project process or provide consultancy on individual elements. Our services include: project scoping, evidence gathering and critical appraisal, training, fact checking, research support, survey design and report writing. We will work with you collaboratively to shape the best possible brief to meet your needs.


Our ethos

We are passionate about using evidence to improve outcomes for vets, businesses, owners and their animals, and work with integrity to deliver this. 

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